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Friday, June 30, Americore volunteers and the LockTite Storage moving truck assisted Barnabas in moving furniture from our office located in the strip center next to Brookshire Brothers to a new office located at 501 Old Kyle Road.  The office is located in the front of the metal building of offices best accessed off of Blue Hole Rd (home to yoga, and the mental health clinic too.)

It was an interesting process taking down and packing neighborhood flood maps, FEMA info, and many letters from supportive donors from across the country.  Even though we aren’t complete with flood recovery, in some ways it felt like the end of a 2 year journey.  That office space in the very early days after the Memorial Day Flood was a “secret office” where the recovery leadership team met daily, volunteers helped coordinate and direct information distribution, a bunker for doing the important work behind the scenes.  Brookshire Brothers donated the space as “long as we needed it.”  That phrase became imperative as we quickly asked for a year lease realizing it would need to become a case management office to support flood survivors. The first year lease was for $10, and the second $250 a month, well below market rate. Brookshire Brothers’ generosity was key in the success of our work over these last two years.

3M ended up providing cubicles and desks for the case management office, which opened to the public in mid-July 2015 with disaster trained case managers beginning work August 1.

The new office is smaller, but still centrally located, public and private at the same time. Late August – September after the Back to School Fiesta and we have settled in, we hope to move our office at Wimberley UMC into the same location so that for the first time we have all of our services and volunteers working out of the same location.

Feel free to stop by and check us out.  We cannot guarantee office hours, due to meetings and client needs, but hope to catch you.

To reach flood recovery, call 512-842-7148.

To reach the Barnabas Helpline, call 512-847-1664.