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Give Today!

Dear Friends,

In 2004, the idea for the Barnabas Connection grew out of an experience of a handful of people going alongside a Wimberley family in need, helping them to connect with local, county and state services to strengthen their safety net with the aim of improving quality of life.  That first encounter with a Wimberley family has grown from a small seed of an idea to a trusted community organization that can be counted on for thoughtful, compassionate, collaborative and effective responses to community needs. It is amazing what a few people can do when working together!

Today, our services have grown to include a variety of programs serving working families struggling to meet their most basic needs. We hope you will read more in the enclosed newsletter about the Barnabas Connection programs which exemplify thoughtful and respectful support as we respond to the identified needs of our community.

And like most thirteen year olds, the Barnabas Connection is in the midst of change after a growth spurt. These changes include the location of our services to our leadership.

This summer, for the first time all Barnabas services were moved to one public office located at 501 Old Kyle Rd, Bldg 2 Suite A.  It has been a busy transition, but so wonderful to again have all of our volunteers and staff in one small office, working together.  This public office, close to the Wimberley square but private, will make it much easier for clients to access all of our services.

As the Program Director and then the Executive Director it has been such an honor for me to play a part in the growth of this organization and its ability to respond to our neighbors in need. As I transition out of the role of the Executive Director, I remember so much of this journey was made hand in hand with many hard working volunteers, board members, donors, Clergy, colleagues, and partner organizations who have helped raise this child into the community organization it is today. It takes a village!  And it is that same village (You!) that I am counting on to ensure Barnabas’ continued success after my departure. During this transition, your support of our programming becomes even more vital, so new leadership can have the opportunity to take the reigns and our client services continue to be excellent!

Change can be hard and the unknown can be scary, but the possibilities are so great!  Change allows us to see new opportunities and to grow in ways we haven’t yet considered. I can’t wait to see all that is possible for the Barnabas Connection with your help! Our community and our neighbors need The Barnabas Connection and its work to provide programs that engage clients in their own success with dignity.  

The Barnabas Connection is continuing to raise and reserve funds so that professional case management can be implemented to better serve our clients. The Board of Directors continues to dream about a space that could become a one-stop shop of services for our neighbors in need. New programs with volunteer support are actively being developed and implemented to better serve the marginalized in our community. Our programs and services that provide access to health & human services, client advocacy, and community education depend on donor support. With your help, the funds raised from your donation, we can continue to offer and expand services to our community.

At this time, we respectfully request your financial support so that we can increase our effectiveness in addressing the needs of local families and individuals. Please consider giving at one of our designated levels:

Sustainer—$ 5,000 and above: Sustain the work to be done, providing an important foundation. Sustainers will receive a quarterly newsletter, and be a named Stepping Up Sustainer member on our web-site and in other publications.

Champion—$1000: As a Champion you will receive a quarterly newsletter and be a named Stepping Up Champion on our web-site and in other publications.

Advocate—$500: Advocates will receive a quarterly newsletter and be a named Stepping Up Advocate on our web-site and in other publications.

Good Neighbor—$250: Good Neighbors will receive a quarterly newsletter and be a named Stepping Up Good Neighbor on our web-site and in other publications.  

Please know that your gift of any amount is so appreciated and will provide support for our programs and organizational development that provide opportunities for sustainable living. Your gift moves us toward our goal of helping more families in our community become independent and free from the crises of poverty.  You can mail your tax-deductible donation to the Barnabas Connection, PO box 145, Wimberley, TX 78676. Online and credit card donation options are available at barnabasconnects.org and deduct a small fee from your gift.

The Board of Directors welcomes the opportunity to meet with you personally, and to tell you more about the exciting work of the Barnabas Connection. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this request.


Vicki McCuistion, Former Executive Director