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The Barnabas Connection transitioned clients from emergency response assistance to case Picture1managing the long term recovery and rebuilding needs in July, with case   management staff starting August 1.  Since that time, 128 Memorial Day and October clients have completed intakes to work with Barnabas case management staff.  Each client is scored based on their resources and vulnerabilities and levels of funding are made available from Barnabas. Case managers then work with the client to understand their resources and their needs for recovery and rebuilding. As needs are prioritized, and gaps identified, the funding is used to assist with gaps the best it can.  The case manager works with the Blanco River Regional Recovery Team Construction manager, Daryl Ready, and Volunteer coordinator, Traci Maxwell to assist as able to make resources stretch even farther.   Volunteer teams under the supervision of Daryl Ready complete rebuilding and construction to decrease rebuilding costs.  This is all dependent upon having volunteer teams available, and can be challenging with the numbers of needs and varying skill levels of the volunteers.

Funding gaps have ranged from rebuilding costs, replacing appliances, fixing septic tanks, replacing winter clothes and household items, to helping with stressed household budgets— clients paying a mortgage and rent, two utility bills, etc.  One of the challenges for the case  manager is to separate needs caused by the flooding from needs that existed                           pre-flood.  The case manager may need to help “stabilize” the client by providing             referrals to other health and human services, but the funding provided from Barnabas flood recovery funds is to be directed to assist with recovering from the floods.

A case manager closes a case when needs caused by the flood have been met to the best ability of the available resources, and clients are back in their homes or stable in managing the remainder of their recovery.  Through April, 68 Memorial day and 2 October cases have been closed. It has been a great joy for Barnabas staff to participate in multiple house  blessings and celebrations as families move back into their homes! Seven Memorial Day cases are on hold until they are ready for rebuilding.  Currently 39 Memorial Day and 12 October cases are open and being worked by Gina Maples, the Barnabas flood  assistant.

Barnabas is still encountering clients from Memorial Day and October flooding that have not completed  intakes but need assistance. The  Kronkosky Foundation grant funding the two disaster case managers ended in March and Barnabas has been waiting on support from the agency selected by the State of Texas to do case management for all the communities (Central Texas, Houston area, Coastal Bend, and the Rio Grande Valley) impacted by flooding from the Memorial Day storms.  Family Endeavors is the agency selected and meetings with them began in March.  More details on the case management support provided by Family Endeavors will be shared soon.

WIMBERLEY flood survivors (all renters and homeowners): If you continue to need assistance and have not  completed an intake interview, please schedule an appointment. To make an appointment with the Barnabas  Connection for long-term recovery casework and financial assistance please call 512-842-7148 or e-mail barnabasfloodhelp@gmail.com.  Intake interviews are by appointment only.