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An update on the Barnabas Connection flood recovery efforts since Memorial Day Weekend:

Approximate Flood Recovery Income May-October 2015

Approximate Flood Recovery Income May-October 2015

  • Received May – October 2015 approximately $1.2 million in income dedicated to Wimberley flood recovery which includes gift cards, cash and in-kind gifts.  The contribution of volunteer hours is priceless in many ways, including helping us avoid administrative expenses.
  • 103 of the 300 clients we have interacted with since the Memorial Day Flood have received case management services after completing intake interviews that began July 20.  Approximately $665,000  of the $1.2 million received has been reserved to address unmet needs for rebuilding and recovery for these 103 clients. As cases are closed, remaining reserved funds will be released to address the needs of additional clients as they complete intake interviews.

    Approximate Flood Expense May - October 2015

    Approximate Flood Expense May – October 2015

  • Approximately $76,000 assisted clients directly with supplies, tools, gift cards, and cash from just after the Memorial Day flood through July 16 at which point we transitioned from emergency response to long-term recovery with the assistance of case management. Two trained disaster case managers provided by BCFS and the Kronkosky Foundation began working in Wimberley at the beginning of August and are funded through a grant until the end of January. The intake interviews are being completed by The Barnabas Connection and St. Vincent de Paul volunteers.
  • A group consisting of Barnabas Connection board members, local community members, and social work professionals assisted in developing the intake form and the guidelines we are using to help distribute the funding through case management.  Rev. Richard Young, Frank Walker, Denise Jackson, Ashley Barrett, Jo Katherine Quinn, and Sylvia Thompson continue to advise us during situations that may need a little extra input or direction.
  • Unavoidable administrative expenses include the cost of mailing receipts and donor letters, and paypal percentages.

Memorial Day Flood survivors:  To receive financial assistance for rebuilding and recovery from the Memorial day flood, clients must live in the boundaries of Wimberley ISD and must have had a primary residence in those boundaries directly affected by the flood. Financial assistance is assisting with unmet needs as a result of the Memorial Day flood. Levels of financial assistance provided are allocated based on multiple factors including having flood insurance, FEMA assistance, SBA loans, vulnerability, and general need.  Unmet needs that cannot be addressed by the Barnabas Connection are being taken to the Blanco River Regional Recovery Team (BR3T) for consideration of additional assistance.  When clients meet the qualifications, the BR3T can provide access to donated building materials, volunteers, and financial assistance provided by additional partner agencies.

Halloween/All Saints Flood/Storm survivors  living in the boundaries of Wimberley ISD:  To receive case management services through the Barnabas Connection please contact 512-842-7148 or barnabasfloodhelp@gmail.com for an intake interview.

In light of the continued threat of flooding, we strongly encourage all residents to consider elevating homes or at the very least securing flood insurance to protect real and personal property.